February 19, 2008


hmmm....... one month of having a blog and I have "writer's block".... LOL... I don't think I qualify as a "writer", but I sure feel like I have a "block". I had bizarre dreams last night..... you know..... the kind where you're trying to scream and can't or trying to run and your feet are like lead. That's the "type" of dream I had..... my typical one is that I'm dizzy and can't walk, crawling and clinging to things to get around. But last night was a new "frustration" dream. I couldn't see..... I wasn't blind, but I just felt like I couldn't get my eyes open or keep them open, they were watering and everything was blurry. Weird, huh? next thing you know, I'll be trying to write and unable to make my fingers move on the keyboard! You sure do wake up tired from those kinds of dreams.

I'm thinking I might follow the lead of some of my friends and maybe have a theme on a certain day. Marilyn's advice when I was struggling to figure out what to write in the beginning, was to identify a purpose...... that it would help keep a focus. Amy started doing a wonderful weekly post on her blog called "Memories of Mom".

Sooo...... I'm thinking...... maybe Tuesday Teaching Tips, where I could post some of the things Nevin and I have found helpful in our homeschooling adventures. Other themes I'm toying with are "past writings".... some of my previous reflective writings that share the joys and struggles of parenting a child with special needs; Techie tips..... how we used assistive technology, computers and software to augment learning and communication.

Now my next fear is that I'll announce a weekly series on something and then not be able to think of something the second week. How embarrassing would that be? :)

I'm open to suggestions.... let me know what you think.


Amy, a redeemed Sheep said...

They are all great ideas!!! Now, go for it!!!

Smith Family said...

What great ideas. I will tune in for the techie tips on the augmentative communication stuff.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Laurie, you definitely need to be posting teaching tips! Hey, can you do a different day of Boardmaker Tips? You have the most creative ideas.