February 14, 2008

Thanks for your prayers.....

Sorry, I'm a whiner.   Thanks for your prayers.   I am doing better this evening, but woo boy.... was I dragging this morning!!  I would definitely have preferred to stay in bed all day.   My head is doing much better...... just a few remnants of a headache left.  Whew.... that was a long one!

I tend to get very "lost" in the paperwork requirements at work .... I'm easily overwhelmed by paperwork..... it just doesn't come naturally.   Those of you who know me...... know that an organized, systematic person.... I am NOT.   We had a LONG meeting on Wed to talk about paperwork requirements (the whole time.... I'm thinking..... I'm a failure, I'm a failure at my job!! my files are in TERRIBLE shape.  Hopefully, my supervisor is not reading this!)

Today.... I was back at it with three different "babies" and their parents.  I just luv'em!!  I've got my perspective back!!  If I'm gonna fail at my job..... I'd rather it be with the paperwork, than with these precious, precious little ones and their parents.   (not that I wouldn't appreciate prayers as I try to get my files "up to snuff") 

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.   Col 3:23

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New Teaching Mom said...

These three "babies" and their parents are SO blessed to have you!!!

You reminded me of Monster's Inc. Austin loves Roz. He tries to repeat her ... "Don't forget your paperwork!"