December 27, 2011

who needs a trash compactor?

I love that Nevin is always willing to help out!   he doesn't complain and always seems to find a way to make it fun.    ... and just to explain, he brings in the big blue recycle box, empties the purple "recycler" from  in the pantry and then stands in it to BE the compactor.   :)

December 21, 2011

Thanks, Reagan!!

Nevin got his first Christmas gift today from his friend, Reagan.  
A Nerf Gun.

Really cool !! 

lot's of bullets

his idea!!

yup, still his idea!  

"who, me?"

"it's ok, Rosie, I put it away!"

December 14, 2011

Nevin photoblog post

Nevin posted about the HADSA Christmas party.  Lot's of fun and a special girl.    
You can link to his photoblog  about the party   
 here  and here

here is a couple of my favorite picts

December 6, 2011

Open the eyes!!

oh, my Lord, thank you for blessing my heart today!

December 1, 2011

Oh, what fun.....

Nevin and his friend, Chris went to a Hawkeye Game last night Tuesday night.  Oh. My. Goodness.  can you say EXCITED!!   When Nevin got home, he was still in his "post-adrenalin" high  (even though it was late... about 11:00 pm and they had a 45 minute drive home).    He was still bubbling, talking, doing his modified cartwheels while he talked, ....   whew.......     

Nevin has been blessed beyond measure by his friend, Chris!!  Chris and Nevin started working together about 6? years ago.   Nevin has learned SO much from his friend!  Chris has been a wonderful teacher, mentor, friend.   
 Nevin posted all of his pictures  and his "stories" from the evening on HIS photoblog.