June 10, 2008

I did it again. I let him go.

I let Nevin go to Camp Courageous for the week. This is his third year. The first year was torture, the second year much easier.

This year...... a little harder. I'm not sure why.

Maybe because it was such a hubbub getting ready this year. At the same time I was packing him, I was getting ready to leave for a long weekend to Indiana with dd (she was in a wedding)............ so I left Friday morning before he was up......... and then wasn't going to be able to see him before dh took him to camp on Sunday. However, we ran a little ahead of schedule so I was able to "show up" and get a couple hugs and drop him off at camp.

Maybe it was because I spent a couple days before I left doing some "crisis management" with dd..... and Nevin didn't get much attention.

Maybe it was because last year, I knew he had an outstanding counselor (from some inside information). And this year, it appeared he had a counselor in her first year and first week. And I lost my "insider info source" this year.

Maybe it was because we dropped him off at the very end of the "window of time" to register campers (because they were waiting for me to get home from Indiana) and so we didn't have any "hanging around" time before we left him.

and maybe it's just because....... like...... "just because"

Can you tell I miss him today? Boy, it's hard letting him grow up!


Cynthia said...

Oh Laurie! I can't face doing this yet. It will be so hard. But just think, maybe this time he'll come back with both eyebrows!
Call if you need to. Wanted to talk anyway. Here is a good excuse.

Marilyn said...

I just know that he's having a wonderful time! Like I've said before, "I want to be like you when I grow up!"

I was telling my guys about the eyebrow situation the other day.

Renna said...

I agree with Marilyn, I bet he's having a wonderful time. He'll have so much to share with you when he gets home. :-) I'll pray that it's so for him, and that you'll have complete peace, Laurie.

amy flege said...

I am sure hs is having a awesome time!! Hang in there mom!

Stephanie said...

how was camp?