September 30, 2011

James Bond

Here is Nevin after his garage sale leftover find.   
He is thrilled to have a James Bond briefcase 
WITH it's very own secret code!!
(thanks Russ!)

Too bad he didn't have his "James Bond briefcase" 
on the day that he looked like James Bond!
(at his friend, Chris's wedding)

but I guarantee you that next time he rents a tux....
he will have the perfect accessory.

September 26, 2011

A family grieves, Heavens rejoice......

A sweet family from our church suddenly and unexpectedly lost their sweet 3 yr old girl.  While the heavens rejoice at Vivian's arrival, her precious family grieves their loss, while knowing she is fully healed and able to be a happy, skipping toddler in heaven.
Please join me in prayer for Vivian's family.

FUN on your way to work?

Seriously,  how many of you GET to have this much fun transporting your son to work?
Me, I prefer quiet.  I like music, but not loud rock'n roll music.
Nevin, however, seems to need it to "wake up his brain".
So this is our routine trip to his work in the  morning.
Clutters my brain,  but gets his going!  
(and yes, I was driving... but I wasn't looking at my camera,
 just taking a chance it would turn out)

sometimes, we trade off parts..... 
air guitar, air drums and air piano

"bye Nev, work hard, make me proud!!"
(he always does.... but likes to know how proud I am)
"bye mom!! " 
oh, my,......thank you God for this blessing!!

September 24, 2011

Quarry Quest: Part 2

Yaba Daba Doo!!
Some of us need to practice our salute a little bit!  :)


Nevin has a very deep respect for military, 
and always wants his picture with soldiers.
 Yes, sir!!  
"I'm in the Army now!!"  

..... and next..... the BIG crane!!
He loves that this picture looks like he's operating the crane himself!

The voluteers were all wonderful.  She is congratulating him
for his expert crane operation.

Then..... Nevin climbed the sand mountain......
 He stood at the top for a long time,
I was worried that he couldn't figure out how to get down.
(he really does struggle with depth perception and going down stairs...
 so it was a legitimate concern.)
I figured out he was just waiting for kids to clear out and make way.
He came rolling down, arms and legs flyin'.  
 this was the first "dumping" of sand ..... 
but we kept finding it in pockets for days.

lastly..... Nevin's very favorite!!
The Lift (or cherry picker, depending on who is talking)

.....can you tell that Nevin is anxious to do the lift?  :)
 He was REALLY proud of the fact that he talked ME into doing the lift.
He knows I hate heights......

This was the best I could do with one hand white knuckled on the rail
and one hand to run the camera!!
It was a wonderful day!!  We are definitely going back next September!

September 21, 2011

Commercial break.....

I know I promised more pictures from Quarry Quest...... I promise..... I will post them later this evening.   But want to do a quick post to support  Perfect Lily and her mom, Patti as they work hard to help raise money for the Quinn family.   They are working hard to bring home their daughter from an orphanage in Eastern Europe.   Please join in supporting them with prayer and with money if the Lord so leads you.   They are sponsoring an iPad2 giveaway to raise money.

Help get Autumn home!! (known as Donna on Reece's Rainbow)

September 20, 2011

Quarry Quest: Part 1

My cousin, Karyn and I took "the boys" to Wisconsin to visit Uncle Jeff (my brother) AND to go to Quarry Quest!!  WOW, what a day!! (click here for news article..... reportedly 15,000 people shared the day with us!!) I highly recommend it!! especially if you have any young people who have a special interest in diggers, cranes and dump trucks.

Or if you have someone who makes everything fun  :)

Oh, the excitement as we arrived, got our complimentary safety vests.

We reviewed the rules and headed down into the quarry.

The first line we got in, was for the "diggers".    ....... and we waited........
but Nevin helped with entertainment of the "restless"   :)

then..........   finally.......... our turn!!!
(and despite the "lapful",  Nevin's enthusiasm always lends itself to acceptance)

Then the post adrenalin "strut"!  :)

***stay tuned for the lift, the crane, the sand mountain........ 

September 10, 2011

Blue Man!!!

We went to see a Blue Man Group show in Cedar Falls last night.  
 It was as much fun to watch Nevin's excitement as it was to watch the show!
We splurged, our seats were in the 6th row!
oh, my.... it was fun to watch his reactions!

It was definitely Nevin's kind of show!! 
No talking,  all visual.

(I didn't take this video of the balls, 
someone in the upper balcony took it and posted it on youtube.) 
Wow, did Nevin ever enjoy this part!  The balls were about 6 foot in diameter and Nevin got to hit them several times.   I got lot's of "look out mom!!"  and then giggles.  

Even more excitement after the show, when he got to pose with the band.
and the band member on the right.........

blessed him with drumsticks from the show!! 
WITH PAINT on them!!
Can you say EXCITED!!

(a hood of the car pic... think I need a little tripod)

The adrenalin rush kept him talking, drumming, singing
..... all the way home.