September 26, 2011

FUN on your way to work?

Seriously,  how many of you GET to have this much fun transporting your son to work?
Me, I prefer quiet.  I like music, but not loud rock'n roll music.
Nevin, however, seems to need it to "wake up his brain".
So this is our routine trip to his work in the  morning.
Clutters my brain,  but gets his going!  
(and yes, I was driving... but I wasn't looking at my camera,
 just taking a chance it would turn out)

sometimes, we trade off parts..... 
air guitar, air drums and air piano

"bye Nev, work hard, make me proud!!"
(he always does.... but likes to know how proud I am)
"bye mom!! " 
oh, my,......thank you God for this blessing!!


Kel said...

He looks very spiffy! Where is he working now?

Laurie said...

He's working at HyVee, which is a grocery store. He does look spiffy doesn't he? has to wear a shirt/tie....whew, hard to find shirts with a neck big enough and short sleeves that don't come to his wrists!! :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The video woke my brain up, that's for sure! =D

And, yes, he is a real blessing. =)