September 20, 2011

Quarry Quest: Part 1

My cousin, Karyn and I took "the boys" to Wisconsin to visit Uncle Jeff (my brother) AND to go to Quarry Quest!!  WOW, what a day!! (click here for news article..... reportedly 15,000 people shared the day with us!!) I highly recommend it!! especially if you have any young people who have a special interest in diggers, cranes and dump trucks.

Or if you have someone who makes everything fun  :)

Oh, the excitement as we arrived, got our complimentary safety vests.

We reviewed the rules and headed down into the quarry.

The first line we got in, was for the "diggers".    ....... and we waited........
but Nevin helped with entertainment of the "restless"   :)

then..........   finally.......... our turn!!!
(and despite the "lapful",  Nevin's enthusiasm always lends itself to acceptance)

Then the post adrenalin "strut"!  :)

***stay tuned for the lift, the crane, the sand mountain........ 

1 comment:

Sherrie said...

Love it!!! God sure loved you to give you Nevin...he does make everything fun. How blessed you are.