September 10, 2011

Blue Man!!!

We went to see a Blue Man Group show in Cedar Falls last night.  
 It was as much fun to watch Nevin's excitement as it was to watch the show!
We splurged, our seats were in the 6th row!
oh, my.... it was fun to watch his reactions!

It was definitely Nevin's kind of show!! 
No talking,  all visual.

(I didn't take this video of the balls, 
someone in the upper balcony took it and posted it on youtube.) 
Wow, did Nevin ever enjoy this part!  The balls were about 6 foot in diameter and Nevin got to hit them several times.   I got lot's of "look out mom!!"  and then giggles.  

Even more excitement after the show, when he got to pose with the band.
and the band member on the right.........

blessed him with drumsticks from the show!! 
WITH PAINT on them!!
Can you say EXCITED!!

(a hood of the car pic... think I need a little tripod)

The adrenalin rush kept him talking, drumming, singing
..... all the way home.


Michelle said...

Oh, what fun....(tears of happiness flowing).What a fun night for Nevin!!!

Kel said...

Great pics, great smiles!

Sherrie said...

You should rename your blog to "The fun life ...hanging with Nevin !"

Right when every one else is getting old you are out having a it.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You two are the coolest parents E.V.E.R!!

Cindy said...

Oh that was so cool!! You could tell Nevin had a geat time!! So what are you gonna wear to the Parent of the Year awards? :)