February 13, 2012

The value of a friend... prayers please

I am taking a break in our vacation recaps,
 instead taking time to acknowledge the value of a friend.  
And to ask for prayers.
Rosie joined our family almost 5 years ago.  Oh how she loved to play!  
and you probably know someone else in our family who loves to play  :)   
She joined our nest about the same time that "others" (namely Hannah and Nolan) were leaving the nest and spreading their wings.......  and while that was an exciting time for them.  It was a time of adjustment for this mama...... and also for Nevin.
Rosie helped Nevin adjust.  
(sorry the video is sideways... couldn't figure out how to rotate it)

While Rosie is my "baby" (huh,  think she helped me adjust, too?
 .....hmm, hadn't thought of that before!)
.... she has been a companion for Nevin.


homeschooled together

 played together

Shoveled snow together.

Hannah moved back home for a couple of years while she went back to school.
Sooo,  she's Hannah's baby, too.
 In fact, Hannah has been helping me SO much while Rosie has been sick.
Taking care of her while we were on vacation.
Supporting me both emotionally
 and helping me take care of Rosie.

but now..... Rosie is sick....... very sick.  *tears here*
We don't know exactly what's wrong, 
we have had multiple vet visits in the last 4 weeks.
She seems to have an infection that we can't find 
....and that antibiotics won't take care of.

Tonight, Rosie is in the hospital
Our house feels so very empty!

Please pray for us all!!  
We are all hurting in our own ways. 
We have tough decisions to make about "how far we go" 
and not everyone in our house agrees on the answer to that question.

I don't believe we go beyond our limits, beyond quality of life for Rosie, 
.......... but I am willing to go far for her........ for her unconditional love.....
for her companionship........ for her.  
I would like to be able to know what is actually going on 
and then be able to make an informed decision about the future. 

......... my heart hurts.......
please pray for Rosie's comfort and healing, 
for vet's wisdom, 
for clear answers, 
for our hurting hearts.

Thank you


Michelle said...

I sent a huge prayer skyward for you all. Believing in miracles!....Michelle

Mandy said...

Praying for Rosie and your family.

Nan said...

Praying for you and Rosie and Nevan and vets and for grace and healing, whatever form that might take.

Sherrie said...

I have been and will keep praying.

Cindy said...

I'm so sorry. I remember when they told us our lab Buddy had cancer. You guys will be in our thoughts and prayers.