February 7, 2012


Vacation.....  finally, we did it!!  we took Nevin and flew to Florida.  
 Can you say EXCITED!!   

It all started at Christmas time, when Nevin got his carry-on bag.  
of course, in his favorite color..... red.
Inside the bag was a book.  
A book about a very big surprise.    
Vacation to Florida!!!
some sample pages from the book

This was a first for us.  Not a first vacation, but it was a first BIG vacation with just Nevin.....  to a state other than Colorado (Kevin's family) or Wisconsin (Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kerry, of course!).    Nevin's second plane trip.    And it was mine and Nevin's first time to Florida.   

Nevin's excitement is so very contagious!!  The people around us enjoyed his "thrill".   

Another surprise after we "booked" our vacation......  
Uncle Craig, Aunt Renee and Aunt Sondra happened to also be going
 to the SAME area, the SAME flights, and staying about 5 miles up the coast from us.  
So we got to share some fun times with them in Florida, too.

yup!! we're here!! ....  Palm trees!!  

tomorrow... a Pirate Ship!!

be sure and check out Nevin's Photoblog for more pictures!


Sherrie said...

Love It...Waiting for part II !!!

Kim said...

Love your book! Think I will steal that idea and make on for Andrew. We are headed to Florida on the 25th!