February 8, 2012

The Pirate Ship

Ahhh....... the ocean...... the beach!!  

Love the look on Nevin's face in this picture. 
His first time time seeing the ocean.

Yup, the bunny ears are in Florida, too!

"Tenderfoot", heading back to our condo.

Not the usual smile, huh?
I think it was shock.
He couldn't believe it.

The shock is wearing off, he's back to himself!  
There are definitely advantages to being both 
"forever young at heart"and an adult.

When you're "young at heart"
you can get your face painted

..... you get to wear pirate hats 
and raid the treasure chest for a gold necklace.

you get to "get down" with the pirate trainers

and dance with other pirates in training.

But being an adult means you get to have a beer with your dad while cruising on the pirate ship.
Yo Ho Ho and a can of beer?

..... and you can stand on the upper deck with you beer 
and wave at passing ships!

and best of all, if you older than 18 years old
you get to go up on the Captain's deck 
and meet the CAPTAIN!!

And if the Captain considers you a worthy pirate, 
he lets you STEER THE SHIP!!

Yup..... it's Pirate Bunny Ears

and a big day tomorrow........


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Wow...He gets to have so much fun, doesn't he? It warms my heart to see people treat him with such kindness.

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of beer....Cheers!

Sherrie said...

Quite the dancer Nevin for a pirate that is.

Michelle said...

Love his smiles!!!

Nan said...

Loving it all! YOu capture the pro pro side of life! Thanks Nevin!