May 22, 2012

Rosie is BETTER!!

Rosie is doing better!! 
She was diagnosed as having Addison's disease.    We nearly lost her and still struggle a bit trying to find balance (with awareness and medication)..... but we are thankful that we hopefully will have many years yet to share with her. 
In the midst of diagnosis, we also discovered a couple large lumps, that the vet did not like the "feel" of ..... so she had surgery to biopsy/remove and make sure that cancer wasn't the underlying "stress" that had  tripped her  undiagnosed Addison's disease into a full blown, near fatal Addisonian crisis.  Because of her Addison's, her recovery was a little longer and more difficult..... but worth the "all-clear" diagnosis.    

But Nevin has definitely had his share of "fretting over her".
He did a great job of helping her stay calm and hold still while I did the daily bandage changes.

Thank you for your prayers..... our hearts are grateful.

( her surgery was on her upper back/lower neck)

(as Nevin would say)
She's better !!!

Rosie just stole a "kiss" from Hannah as they posed for a picture  :)