February 17, 2008


It has stopped snowing, but now it is very cold!!  
News reports say travel is NOT advised, especially on the highways, this evening they report 40 vehicles in the ditch between here and Iowa City..... that's an average of one every half mile.

We went to the library (to return overdue books) and Nevin got such a kick out of all the cars driving around with lot's of snow on top of them.   Thank goodness for the blessing of a garage!!  I don't miss the years of living where we didn't have a garage.


amy flege said...

isnt this snow great??? NOT!!!
the birds sure sound pretty in your video though!

Amy said...

In all honesty, I am a bit tired of snow but it is beautiful! I left snowy (very snowy) Wisconsin yesterday where we woke up to 4 degrees to central IL where it was 49 degrees - people walking around in shirtsleeves!

New Teaching Mom said...

You just keep that stuff on your end of the state!