February 23, 2008

Power of PowerPoint

This is a sample of making your own PowerPoint books. Nevin was NOT interested in reading books, until they were about him. So originally many of the books we used were ones that I wrote and then printed and bound. But now we have discovered the exciting use of PowerPoint. I have uploaded this book to Slideshare so that you can see it. Since it's not actually the Powerpoint.... instead is formatted for Slideshare, it doesn't have sound like the "real" powerpoint book "Brothers" does. Maybe, sometime I will figure out how to post a "real" powerpoint so that you can see it work.

You can easily make your own books. There are nice tutorials on making your own PowerPoint book posted on the web here(8 page tutorial) and here(36 pg tutorial). It is really easy if you start with a template and then all you have to do is insert your pictures and your text......... then, if you want you can make them talking books by recording your voice. Or what's really exciting is to have your child record his/her voice reading the book. This provides great practice...... since it usually takes us a couple of tries before we get it right. It also gives us purpose the enunciate the words carefully.

There are some PowerPoint Books available for download at SET (Special Education Technology) British Columbia. Nevin likes the "My Dog Toby" book.

There are also some PowerPoint Books available for download at NYC Dept. of Education. They don't have sound recorded on them....... but you or your child can add the recordings to the books.


Amy, a redeemed Sheep said...

These books are a great idea! Brilliant!

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I love Nevin's books; especially the fish one.

The brothers book is really neat. Thanks for the tutorial!

New Teaching Mom said...

I like the book! And thanks for sharing those links!