January 9, 2008

So what's in a blog?

As I've played with getting this blog set up, I've pondered the question...... why?   Why am I doing this?  what do I want it to be?   Originally, I was thinking that it would be a place where I could post links to some of my favorite sites.  A place to post pictures of the people I love..... they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  so, I've already posted thousands of words.  :) 
A place to write, like a journal, some say.  Hmmm, journals have always been a private place to write...... not quite like writing out here, in public.   I've always considered myself a private person, however, Nevin has helped me move out of that "box" (I'll save that for another post).   So why in the world am I thinking that I would enjoy writing..... out here....... "in public".   
I have exposed my heart to others a few times through my writings.  I have found that it helps me to "process" my feelings.  Now, as to whether that is of interest to any other human being in this world....... I don't know.   I guess............... I'll just see what happens.   See how it feels.   It does feel different than writing in a book that I know no one will see.  Soooo...... a new journal, a new journey.


ClaireBoe said...

Welcome to blog land, Laurie! Can't wait to read all you have to say. It's cathartic to write it out...you'll see. -)

Amy said...