January 12, 2008


Have you ever spent time trying to figure out an acronym? They're all over, we have so many acronyms at work that I can't keep them straight. Text messages (especially from young people in my life) are full of series of letters that I'm always trying to make sense of.

Today, I venture down to the North Liberty Community Center to check out their wireless. Since I will be doing my presentation there in February, I wanted to make sure that their wireless and my laptop could be "friends" :) As I parked in the lot and walked in, I saw NACKS in big letters on the outside of the building. My brain puzzling over it, maybe North Liberty Area Community Kids Service?? but then, why not an L. It was on the corner by the pool, maybe the last letter is Swim..... C has got to be community......

When I got close..... I chuckled at myself. NACKS was posted in big letters above a small window with a counter. Awww...... SNACKS!! The first S had fallen off the word.   :) 


Sharon said...

Laurie your site is really very lovely.

I've been trying to download pictures to the side of my blog and a "glass" frame for some of our pictures, to no avail. All it seems that I can do is to put them on the "blog spot", not to the side.

I'd really like to have some tips from you when you have time.

Thanks bunches...
SharonR from the Swap

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

That is hilarious! Sometimes we make life more difficult. :P

Amy said...

And I'm still laughing!!! :-D