January 25, 2008

5 hours

5 hours.   That's how long I spent "working" on my blog last night.   I know........ doesn't look like I worked on it at all, does it?   When I got up this morning, I was thinking to myself....... boy, I sure did a lot of work on my blog!   hmmmm........... but my "fan club"  :)  is going to think it was just another day without a post!

Soooo........ I'm here to say, that I worked on it for 5 hours!!   I'm trying to learn how to post an audio clip, because I want to post "Nevin's song".  The song that my brother wrote for us the year Nevin was born.    So, I trekked for MILES through the internet jungle.   Following bunny trail after bunny trail.   Oh, my poor aching feet, I mean, fingers.  :)    One of the most wonderful things about the web is that you can always find your way home.    You may never be able to find your way back to that  wonderful website you found (if you forget bookmark it, i.e. leave yourself a breadcrumb trail like Hansel and Gretel..... oh, wait, that didn't work out so well for them! )  but you can at least always find your way home!!

I did, FINALLY, figure out how to do it....... actually, no I didn't.   I just wanted one of those little audio slider thingies..... that would play the song.     BUT, I did finally figure out a work around.    Soooo.......... coming soon (when I have a few hours to toss at my blog) :  a slideshow of Nevin pictures, with Nevin's song playing in the background.


New Teaching Mom said...

Oh goodie! I can't wait to see it!!!

Amy said...

Me too!

Renna said...

I look forward to it, Laurie.

You better get some rest today. Five hours tramping around in the internet jungle can be grueling, I know. ;-Þ

Amy said...

Cool!!! Can't wait to see it and hear the song again. It's been a long time since I've heard it. :o)

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I'm looking forward to it, also!