January 28, 2008


Nevin's writing!  or at least he's starting to initiate the ideas for sentences.   Who'd of thought he'd be so excited about a blog.   He's enjoying the comments, tonight after posting his story he started listing his long, long list of people to send it to.  :)    Hard to explain that it's posted and they will see it.

I think maybe a year of having Netflix, then replacing it with Blockbuster...... taught Nevin that the computer is not a self contained unit.  He was able to tell the computer which movie to send next  and then "poof" the mailman brought it!!

He is also enjoying having a penpal, although he's a bit worried about his penpal because Austin is in the hospital right now.  But we're praying that he gets better soon and are excited to do a road trip and go to the zoo with Austin this spring.  

My "talk" for the HADSA (area Down Syndrome group) is this Sunday...... I know.... I'm competing with the Superbowl, so maybe there'll just be a small group.   Who knows maybe it'll just be me :P     

Anyways....... please pray as I prepare!  actually pray THAT I prepare, pray that I can overcome my innate habit of procrastinating.   It used to work ok when I was younger, the adrenalin kick could usually get me through with flying colors.   But now that I'm "older"..... the adrenalin just seems to raise my blood pressure and stress me out instead of "energizing" me.   

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting Nevin's blog.  He is definitely pumped!


Amy said...

You've been tagged!


New Teaching Mom said...

Wow just saw Hannah's picture on Nevin's blog. She looks SO much like you!

Laurie said...

Aww...... thanks, I'll take that as a compliment because I think she's beautiful.