July 21, 2011

........ Special Connection ............

Nevin loves babies.  all babies.  
 When he was little, he moved through the house like a little tornado, oft times leaving destruction in his path....... and when a baby visited, that little "Nevin tornado" would cause that baby's mama to brace herself as he approached..... but then, .... just a few steps before arrival....... calm, no tornado, no wind and then the gentlest approach you can imagine.  For those of you who are boaters, it reminds me of when we would be speeding along in the boat, moving fast up on top of the water and then we would stop and the boat's motor would go quiet, slowing glide forward and "sink" comfortably into the water.   That was Nevin as he approached babies.   

But Nevin also seems to have a special connection
to babies with that something special.   
You can just see the connection.

with our very, very special friend..... Daniel

And with our friend, Shelby......  when she was little
and then consoling her after she fell and bumped her nose
 at the children's museum, when she was older.......

and a few from when we did childcare for a very special little girl.  
sorry, we don't have permission for any full-face pictures of her
...... but you can certainly tell from the pictures what Nevin thought of her.

he was even willing to be her pillow when she wasn't feeling good.  
He laid there for a long time and let her sleep.  

can't find the picture of Nevin with Andrew when he was a baby
but here he is when he's bigger.

It is a special connection, 
that doesn't take words, 
that doesn't need to be explained, 
it just is.  
And it is oh, so special to see.


Mandy said...

It is special to see, Laurie. You have raised an amazing young man!

Nan said...

That's so beautiful to see! Nevin should be working with children! And what a role model!

Laurie said...

Yes, I've been thinking more about that..... he doesn't get enough contact with little ones .... He used to volunteer at the Children's therapy center..... kind of got lost because of scheduling..... we should make it a priority again.

Amy said...

Reagan is also gifted with this special love connection.

She has an unusual relationship with pets too. They are are attracted to her and so very gentle with her. Its like they know she has that special love connection.

Cindy said...

Wow. That is so precious to see the connection he has with others. What a great guy!

Roberta said...

Truly God's Loving Soul! Just makes you tear up and speechless.

Michelle Z said...

Oh how sweet! What lovely pictures -- and letting his little friend nap on him? Amazing :)

Justylou said...

Thanks for the smile today. I am so glad I found your blog.