April 3, 2008


Nevin and I are participating in a Research Study on Communication Skills in adolescents with Down Syndrome, being done at the Waisman Center in Madison, WI. This was our fourth year (and last.... he aged out of it, now that he's 18). So we got to travel to Madison and stay at the motel and then go through some different assessments. This year we were blessed to have my friend, Amy accompany us..... so the whole trip was fun..... even the drive. Except for a minor detail (we got lost on the way home)..... not really...... we just missed a turn in the fog, and because of the fog it took us until Maquoketa before the fog started to clear and the scenery did NOT look familiar. We then figured out that we were going the wrong direction! It only added about 30-45 minutes to our drive, but we were still glad to get home!

It is very interesting to watch the assessments that they perform. And Nevin works very hard for them. We get to listen/watch through a one way mirror from an adjacent room, where they are taping the session.

Soooooo..... do you think he knows we're on the other side of the mirror? :)

He was very serious about work time..... but would get his "sillies" out when she allowed him to take a break.


Kelly said...

Looks to me like he was "communicating" really well! "Sooooo . . . Do you think he knows we're on the other side of the mirror?" LOL!

Amy, a redeemed Sheep said...

He worked VERY hard and he took it seriously. During the break times, he let loose with his silly self. :o) I would have, too, after thinking so hard.

What I noticed is how he takes learning seriously. You have done a great job homeschooling him.

"Hey, I never noticed that before. What is it?"

"I don't know?"

*Sees sign* "Maquoketa??!!!???"

Cynthia said...

I bet you guys were just cracking up! Thanks for the giggle!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the laugh! You guys are a HOOT!!!!