April 13, 2008

Back to "normal"

We are feeling better!   Praise the Lord!   Nevin seems to be back to normal, although he's been sneezing a lot today.  I'm hoping he is not coming down with what I had.   After a 4 hour nap yesterday and 10 hours of sleep last night...... I finally felt better today.   Whew, it feels good to have some energy.  

I was actually able to get some grocery shopping done, some wash done, have a decent meal cooked when my hubby got home from work and begin to get caught up on my blog reads.
But, it's midnight and I better get to bed......... good night!


kellyds said...

I came looking specifically to see how you both were feeling! I'm glad things are improving.

Cynthia said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! Nothing makes you appreciate feeling "normal" more than feeling sick for a while. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I got a lot of ideas from you.