June 7, 2011

pizza anyone?

Soooo, this evening we "learn a lesson" as Nevin would say. He learned that there is a significant difference between cooking your pizza in the microwave for 2 min 22 seconds and cooking it for 22 minutes and 22 seconds. The difference, you ask......... smoke!! and lot's of it.

The "lesson" I learned is: 1.) that I must re-evaluate whether I think Nevin can be home by himself...... and I need to do some praying about this...... while I need to ensure his safety, we must also figure out how to identify "acceptable risk" in pursuit of his desired independence. 2.) Time to start figuring out ways to help him increase his skills in this area.

We also learned that our smoke alarms never came on, despite a huge amount of smoke. They are hard wired and cover the bedrooms and basement....... but not the living areas! hmm, guess we'll be adding a couple smoke alarms.

Nevin's eyes were watering and his nose was running. My eyes were burning like crazy. We went to the basement to bring up fans and Nevin was rattled enough that while hurrying up the stairs with the large fan, fell and scraped up both shins and the fan went flying.

So, lessons learned and more importantly..... I see some "learning" in the near future.
It is difficult to figure out how and what to teach him to do..... especially if it is different than what we did. i.e. we didn't leave the house, we didn't call the fire department, hmmm....... how to teach, how to teach........ always a puzzle.


Leah S. said...

Oh so there with you!!!! Angela is able to be home alone for about an hour. Two if I REALLY push it. But I have to make sure she is engaged in something (t.v. or computer) and that she has eaten so she doesn't try to cook. She knows she's not allowed to cook when we're not here, but that doesn't mean she won't try. She DOES know to not answer the door (had a neighbor test her a couple of times) and she has a cell phone and knows how to call any of the numbers programed into it. (which is me, dad, her brothers, and two neighbors.) Still, I'm always on edge when we leave. I mean, if something were to happen, would we get into trouble? Her behavior specialist thinks she is capable of being home alone for that short time, and we spent a full year teaching her what to do if she comes home from school and we're not here. Still...it makes me nervous. Oh, and several years ago Angela once cooked an entire carton of eggs in the microwave. I got a new microwave out of the deal. ;-)

Laurie said...

yikes!! a dozen eggs? I can't imagine.