May 13, 2011

blogger? me? or satan?

whew.... I've been working hard to figure out how to start a fundraiser for Cyril K., in that process I posted about the bumper stickers we are selling to raise money for Cyril K. ..... poof..... post gone. fine!! reposted. I figured out how to post a chipin widget to allow for the donation/purchases of the bumper stickers, after a couple of trials..... got it!! ...... today...... poof.... gone! FINE!! reposted. Cyril, honey....... really, we are going to get some money in your account.
Sooooo....... let me know if you ordered during that time and had any issues. Just drop me and email: lakesmit AT gmail DOT com

1 comment:

Patti said...

thank you for the comment and for the suggestion, Laurie! What an honor to be recommended by an experienced mama! :)