May 5, 2011

5/5/5 Warrior Project

Raising $5000 for 5 year old orphans with special needs in honor of Reece's Rainbow 5th year anniversary and in honor of 500+ children with special needs who are no longer orphans........

Although I feel inadequate in this challenge, Nevin and I have committed to be 5/5/5 warriors for Cyril K.
Nevin was taken by Cyril's smile as he chose who we would be warriors for. By God's grace we will rise to the challenge and raise $5000 to help Cyril's forever family find him and bring him home.
5 years old..... while in the USA, marks the exciting transition to kindergarten ....... but for Cyril, it marks that his time is running out. He will be aging out of the orphanage and because he has Down Syndrome, he will be transferred to an institution. He won't understand what has happened, he will be more alone than he has ever been. He will soon become ineligible to be adopted. Many, many of these children die in the first 1-2 years after they are transferred.

His country believes he has no worth....... no value........ the doctors most likely counseled his parents to leave him at the hospital after he was born....... typically telling them that their life would be ruined if they took him home.

We know different. Especially those of us whom have been blessed by loving and being loved by someone with Down Syndrome.

God has burdened my heart for these children............ for little Cyril...... whom, despite not having a mother's love still had a smile for the camera.

Please pray for Cyril K., pray for his forever family, pray that they find him before he is transferred. He's ready.......... he's waiting........... he's almost 5.

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