April 8, 2011

Turning Blue... very scary!

So, I've been "slightly" concerned the last couple of days...... especially after Nevin's recent issues with his "heart pounding"/chest pain and the monitor, etc., because I noticed that his hands were kind of blue....... but no other signs.... so note to self to keep an eye on him. Then later, hands AND feet are blueish. :( but he's adamantly rebuffing my concern..... and off he trotted (literally trotted) down the stairs, with a couple of high karate-style kicks as he swung around the banister at the bottom of the stairs. Sooo, he seems to be doing ok? what's a mom to do? run to the doctor? My fear is that the last time he complained about his heart pounding and hurting, I took him to the doctor and he ended up with a heart monitor on for two days........ which compared to my concerns was no big deal. NOT SO for mister "no-tags in my shirt" Nevin.... oh my, if looks could kill...... I'd of been pronounced dead when I broke the news he would be wearing the monitor to bed!! I watched as the horror on his face slowly changed to resolve (i.e. "I am NEVER telling mom my heart has a pain again!!)". Really, I'm not sure he'll complain about it next time. So I just kept non-chalantly walking through, "hey, Nev.... how ya doing?" THEN, i stopped..... ok, that's it!! now he's looking a little blue around his mouth.......... NO MORE rebuffing my concern........ we are getting to the bottom of this!! So amidst complaints that his movie was almost over, I turn the overhead lights on and have him stand up...... where the light is better.
Hmm...... I know I'm supposed to feel his hands, squeeze his fingertips..... check for "cap refill", but it doesn't seem like they're blanching like they should. Look at his face, his eyes, ...... looks ok. Then ever so slowly....... slowly, it is starting to make sense.
I look down to where he was sitting, yup....... a dark blue cast is all around beige carpet in front of the TV where he was sitting.
I'm now regretting my decision to let him wear his new blue jeans before I wash them, but I am oh, so relieved that is all that it is. Thank you, Jesus!

Oh, and also......... we are very, very excited that we have tickets to go see this group in September at the Gallagher Bluedorn Theatre in Cedar Falls!! seems appropriate today doesn't it? :)


Roberta said...

Dear Laurie,I am just in awe of you!!!!! What a challange you face every day and you handle it all with such grace and knowlege. God does so love you and your wonderful family especially Nevin. God Bless you all. Roberta

Cynthia said...

Oh, LOL, you got me! I have been concerned for Nevin, and that is all mixed up with our experience with heart problems here. So thankful it was blue dye, and not anything worse. Good luck getting that out of the carpet... oxy-clean might help. =)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You have so got to get your book written, lady!!