April 11, 2011

Crafty? not so much :)

So, if you've been around me lately, you know that I've been working on some "ideas" to raise some money for Reece's Rainbow. I have big plans :) but maybe after you see my first attempt you may suggest abandoning ship.

I've been thinking that Nevin and I will start a "table" of some simple, low-cost jewelry type things that we could sell at garage sales...... and if we can find some willing hosts, maybe follow some of the neighborhood sales.

I have figured out a few things today.
*that online tutorials give you the false impression that it's easy
*that cheap tools are worth the money saved..... NOT!!
*that there is much thought that goes into the "prototype", especially if being crafty doesn't come naturally!
*that I hate being a beginner! I'd really rather be good at it without having to practice. :)
*that even though the "first" isn't exactly perfect..... it is rather endearing. LOL

Notice any "problems" with my first attempt?


Roberta said...

Laurie, absolutely unique and beautiful!!!!!!!

Momof3 said...

I think it is pretty cute, Laurie! Good luck on the second attempt :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

LOL! Love it!!