March 1, 2008

Blessed by health

As I've joined the world of blogging, I'm enjoying reading blogs written by others.  I have especially enjoyed the stories of other families who've been blessed by something extra (i.e. an extra chromosome, T21, a.k.a. Down syndrome. 

I am reminded of how blessed we were when Nevin was born healthy.   His heart defect was minor and did not require any surgery.  He latched on and nursed as well as my previous two babies (and although he couldn't handle too much flow..... pumping first to avoid "drowning" seemed to solve this problem .... and after several months, he did fine).   His immune system was easily compromised, requiring frequent hospitalizations that first year,  but nothing compared to what some families must deal with.  

Sooo..... we were spared some of the extra "worries" that can sometimes come with "extra chromosomes".    Please join me in praying for families who have to deal with significant health issues related to DS.   I've added links to a few of these families.     Brianna is dealing with leukemia, she is part of our local Down syndrome support group.    Kennedy's daddy is in Afghanistan, she has had multiple health issues including Leukemia and now faces surgery and a halo for severe neck instability.    I'll let you meet Chelsea and Parker via their blogs.   Princess Mya doesn't have Down Syndrome...... but she does have a brain tumor (her grandpa and my dad are cousins).

Thank you for your prayers.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Thank you so much for including Kennedy in your prayers! It means a lot! I look forward to following your blog!

Anonymous said...

From a mother's heart, I will say a prayer for each of these cherubs.

New Teaching Mom said...

Praying for all these special little ones! Every single one of them are darling!