October 10, 2011

Buddy WALK!!

We had absolutely beautiful weather!!   and had a great time.   Nevin was a "star".... and announced to the whole crowd that now that he is 21 he can drink beer! (thank you Erin, for that little "prompt" :)   I tried to post the video, but it must be too big to post on blogger..... cause it keeps giving me error messages.  So you're gonna have to settle for just pictures ;)

 Boys!!  we're supposed to be setting up!!
Ta Daa!!  our table
and our special guests!!  
The DeLlanos family.  
Timothy has been HOME for almost a year now.
I love this picture....  Nevin got to draw the name of who won the iPad2 raffle.

I love both these boys!!
Nevin is 21 and Daniel is 1.  :)

and my very special friend, Isabel came to share our day, too.

What a wonderful day to celebrate with people who "get it"!!
People who understand the blessing of that extra chromosome.  :)


Kristin said...

Love the Buddy Walks!

Barb said...

We love our buddy walk in Des Moines too. We meet the best people! Just found your blog and we adopted a little girl with DS and are in the process of adopting a boy with DS too! We get it and love the extra chromosome! Great pictures.

Sherrie said...

You should get paid for all that cuteness on your blog :)