May 23, 2008

My new favorite blog

Thank you Leah for sharing the link to your new hero. It has become my new favorite blog to read/view. I was just sharing that with Amy and it made me think I should share the wealth. Daniel Drinker and his brother Will are making a documentary about his life. It's been wonderful to view all the video clips. While I have a huge list of fellow bloggers who share in the blessing of living with someone with Down Syndrome....... most of them are families with children younger than Nevin. Dan is a little older than Nevin and it's been a delight to watch all of his videos and his interaction with his friends/family. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too. And if I get permission, maybe I'll include a video from his site sometime........ until then, you'll just have to go to Dan's Blog to experience it.

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Cynthia said...

This is a cool blog!
I have just come across another one, called Chewing the Fat at
He is an advocate that is on the lecture circuit. He has some really cool observations. He has spoken about Down Syndrome quite a bit lately. Today's made me cry!